Stand Alone Gym
Seated Row Machine   Lat Machine
  This machine helps you to achieve the most effective back & shoulder for all ages & strength capabilities. This will give you smooth performance & durability. Each dual grip positions are mounted on swiveling pull arm bracket that allows maximum concentration of all back & shoulder muscles. This machine gives more strength, comfort & flexibility for all experienced users of all sizes. Weight Includes 0 to 200 Lbs (0 to 91 kg.)     This machine is a favorite for gym or personal use. There are extraordinary capabilities set in this machine. For using this machine you get a high pulley directly overhead back and shoulder isolation. This machine will help you to increase size, strength and endurance your back muscles. This machine is very efficiently design, exceptional performances and versatility that make you use in any gym, club or home.
Shoulder Prewss Machine   Chest Press Machine
  This machine form a truly function. More important is the feeling when you work out on this machine. The position of handgrip located on the forward and frontal plane to take the strain to the lower back and provide wrist comfort. Adjustable seat designed for all size users and it is full range motion machine. In every respect it is very helpful for shoulder exercise.     The mainframe of this machine designed for chest concentration and outstanding muscle development. This machine concentrates on distinct areas of the Chest & Triceps. This helps you for the weight distribution. This chest press machine has all the essential components for a great workout experience.
Pec Deck Machine   Biceps Curl Machine
  Pec machine show you a remarkable blend of function and form. This is useful for the full range of motion for optimal muscle development. It is comfortably padded and it offers you a strong workout environment with impressive function.     This machine provides you strength, durability, and function is belt right into state of art bicep. This machine provide multigrip, revolving handle bar with gun metal bushings ensure full range of motion for maximum high and low of bicep concentration. Fully adjustable seat is designed in such a manner that pivot point alignment for proper body positioning. It is uniquely design and allows Arms, Chest, and Back highest degree of comfort.
Triceps Push Down Machine   Leg Ext. & Leg Curl Machine
  Did you need heavy workload with muscle isolation capability? Then triceps press down machine will help you to give heavy-duty performance. This machine has features such as adjustable seat, angle press down bars that provide full range motion which allow comfort and control. There is also a slip rubber grip for safety during workout. Adjustable seat belt fits all size users and stabilizes your body for press down beyond your body weight. This machine assures you a safe, secure work out experience.     The leg extension machine is ready to help you build muscular legs & stronger knee joints. The mainframe of this machine is especially for thigh pad & we can know the exact movement and immediate response. Footpads assure proper alignment. Leg Curl is just not comfortable but gives us highly smooth performance. Biomechanically accurate pivot point ensures correct body positioning for natural and complete hamstring & leg biceps development. Adjustable footpads assure proper alignment. A complete machine which built on strength and performance.
Smith Machine   Leg Press Machine
  This machine is used in four purposes it means in conjunction with a four purpose bench. It performs a user to perform a wide range of exercise for the trunk, arm and legs. This machine is very safe and smooth for the user to exercise.     This machine gives you power and durability. This machine helps you to achieve higher performance results. This machine is fully used for your leg & calf. For muscle capacity and capability you need to look further than this machine.
Squat Machine   Power Station
  This machine is useful for the exercise of Gluteus maximus, Hamstring and quadriceps. This machine is useful for variable resistance leverage with a flat platform.     This machine is useful for kinds of age limit and suitable for all the users. The broad access steps and very comfortable liver make the equipment easy to use. The liver has the pedestal block that make the exercise on the equipment very comfortable. The position of handgrips enables a variety of exercises mainly for the trunk and arms muscles.
Hack Squat Machine   Multi Hip Machine
  This machine is design to exercise the lower limbs while keeping the spinal constantly supported. This position prevents the compression of joints. The broad footplate and two type of handgrip make it possible to exercise in a very comfortable and wide range of positions.     This machine provides grip on your hips and thighs. Adjustable range of motion allows you to set rotation limits while performing four distinct leg exercise. This gives you good result on inner thigh, outer thigh, and hip. The main purpose of this machine is to make your hips and thighs in trim and firm.
Standing Calf Machine   Cross Cable Pulley
  This machine has a unique feature that make the exercise very easy. It has adjustable screw, which can be adjust according to the height. It has also plate adjustable bars that can be adjust according to the position of exercises.     This machine provides you strength and durability. Only this machine will give you total body workout. This will work virtually every muscle in your body. Adjustable pulley will smoothly and fully provide resistance throughout all exercise movement. This machine is mostly use in gyms and clubs.
Other Single Station Machines
Lat Pulley M/c 80 Kgs
Low Pulley M/c 60 Kgs
Arms Curling ( Came Type ) 60 Kgs
T-Bar 80 Kgs
AB Cruncher M/c 60 Kgs
Lateral Shoulder M/c 60 Kgs
Pull Over M/c 80 Kgs
Seated Leg Extension & Leg Curling 60 Kgs
Outer Thigh 60 Kgs
Inner Thigh 60 Kgs
Lying Leg Press No Wts.
Vertical Leg Press 80 Kgs
Arms Pulley 60 Kgs
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